Come contrastare la cellulite: i nostri consigli

How to fight cellulite: our tips

Cellulite is a phenomenon that many of us are familiar with. There are no miracle solutions to get rid of it completely, but some good habits can help reduce its visibility. Find out our tips to fight it. 

Also known as Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy, cellulite is an imperfection affecting the subcutaneous fatty tissue. It is a consequence of inflammation of the hypodermis, consisting of fat cells, and the malfunctioning of the microcirculatory system. Due to these factors, the fat cells swell and push on the dermis and blood vessels, preventing proper circulation. 

In some cases, the fat cells can even go so far as to break the collagen fibres, releasing liquids, which stagnate due to poor lymphatic circulation. Mostly affected by this imperfection are the thigh and buttocks areas, irrespective of the presence of excess weight. The cause is multifactorial, with a genetic and hormonal basis. 

Lifestyle and Nutrition 

In addition to genetic and constitutional factors, some bad habits can influence the formation of cellulite. A diet high in salt, for example, encourages water retention and physical inactivity can slow down the elimination of fluid and waste. Problems such as constipation and poor posture can also contribute to cellulite.

A balanced diet and a healthy, sporty lifestyle are essential to activate the circulation in the legs and drain excess fluid. 

This is why it is advisable to favour a Mediterranean diet with an intake of vegetables, fruit and wholegrains, reducing saturated and hydrogenated fats.




Our skin is 70 per cent water and must be constantly nourished to keep it elastic and glowing. When we drink water we counteract dehydration, which is the main cause of skin ageing and skin blemishes. In fact, water purifies the body, eliminating waste and toxins that also contribute to the formation of cellulite. 


If the microcirculation is not working properly, it does not transport waste outside the cell, which is why water retention is formed. 

Lymphatic drainage massages, aimed at the leg and buttocks area, are a great way to reactivate the lymphatic circulation and are an excellent draining procedure.



Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetics can support the treatment of cellulite. Firming products, developed with cutting-edge research, can be applied locally. It is important to choose products that contain lipolytic, firming ingredients that stimulate the skin's microcirculation and drain excess fluid.

SkinLabo offers a range of specific treatments to combat cellulite, such as the Anti-Cellulite Active Spray and the Anti-Cellulite Booster Cream. These products are formulated to act in a localised manner on imperfections, helping to combat cellulite with a firming and toning effect.

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