Giornata Internazionale delle Foreste:                            il nostro impegno nei confronti del pianeta

International Forest Day: our commitment to the Planet

Today is March 21, and you might not all know that it is International Forest Day: a time to raise awareness about the importance of forests, which are the second largest carbon sink after the oceans, but the impact of our consumption is destroying them.

Dedicating a thought to this day is certainly important, but it is even more so to demonstrate through concrete actions how closely linked our well-being is with that of the planet. Therefore, our mission extends far beyond skin care, promoting sustainable actions toward the planet.



The shipping of our products is one of the aspects we have decided to take action on. As a digital native Brand, we are aware that the journey of our cosmetics to your homes generates CO2 emissions, and we want to contain the environmental impact as much as possible.

That is why, for the second year in a row, we have chosen, after quantifying the emissions related to the transportation of our products, to balance the emissions generated by our shipments through a concrete action: the investment in a sustainability project capable of removing an amount of CO2 equivalent to that emitted.

Recognizing the importance of acting locally to impact globally, we decided not to rely on traditional carbon credits, which are often generated far from the context in which we operate. Instead, we sought a partner that would allow us to balance our emissions in a more direct and meaningful way, right here in Italy. To be precise, in the forests of Liguria.



Our choice fell on Tree-Fair Sustainability Credits: the credits underlie sustainable forest management projects located in the heart of Italy's forest heritage. These projects not only enhance an existing natural resource by increasing CO2 absorption capacity, but also embody a broader vision of environmental impact. Indeed, sustainable forest management helps to preserve biodiversity, protect ecosystems and ensure that forests can continue to play their crucial role in carbon sequestration.

Beyond the environmental aspect, our choice to invest in these projects is rooted in a significant social commitment. Forest management activities actively involve social cooperatives that provide employment opportunities for people from disadvantaged groups, contributing to their social and professional reintegration. In this way, sustainability credits not only offset CO2 emissions, but also fuel a virtuous cycle of environmental, social and economic benefit.

For these reasons we speak of "sustainability credits" rather than just carbon credits. The certified Tree-Fair credits we acquire are a reflection of our values: a transparent commitment to positive impact that goes beyond simply neutralizing emissions. With these credits, we actively support the enhancement of Italy's natural resources and promote the social inclusion and economic well-being of local communities.

It is an initiative that represents a significant step in our commitment to a more sustainable future, in which skin care and planet care go hand in hand. 

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